Vitamin K Cream

Uniquely developed formula containing 5% of Vitamin K, Natural Herbal Extracts such as Horse Chestnut, Comfrey Leaves and Aloe Vera plus Essential Oils such as Lavender Oil and Basil Oil. 

Vitamin K Cream helps alleviate unsightly Spider Veins, Bruises, Blotches, Eczema and Psoriasis safely… naturally without pain and it isn’t a cover-up.

Vitamin K cream rehabilitates and promotes normal healing of damaged skin leaving it with a younger looking and radiant even tone. See Amazing Results in Just Weeks!

Wrinkle Control

Exclusively advanced anti-wrinkle formula, that combine anti-oxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, AHA: Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (Lactic and Glycolic) to smooth and relax your skin.

Wrinkle Cream is specifically formulated to diminish fine lines and the signs of aging. It also contains a SPF-8 sunscreen to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

This age treatment improves elasticity and texture as it intensively nourishes skin, restoring a younger appearance. 

Breast Enhancement

Jo Ann’s Sheré Breast Cream contains natural plant ingredients, which encourage and promote beautiful breasts. It helps to enhance breasts by stimulating fatty tissues, resulting in beautiful, tone breasts.

Botox Cream
Resilience Lift Extreme*
Ultra Firming Moisturizer

More Lift: Exclusive technology, powered by our ExtremeLift Complex, helps skin amplify its natural and elastin production. This helps firm up the appearance of sagging skin and emphasize tighter-looking contours.

More Life: Instantly infuses mid0life skin with super-energized nutrients. Skin that was dull and lifeless immediately takes on a vivid radiance wit Botox cream from Jo Ann 21

More Moisture: An advanced blend of lipids, proteins and more delivers rich, lasting moisture. It’s a welcome surge of relief you feel instantly.

Aloe Vera Cream

Jo Ann 21 is a rich, non-greasy cream. It revitalizes and protects while nurishing dry, flaky skin. Nothing else compares. But the reason you can expect such fast, dramatic results goess even deeper.

Jo Ann 21 is 100% natural and safe and your skin will drink it up! Reaching an amazing seven layers deep, the pure Aloe Vera in Jo Ann 21 softens your skin, dilates the tiny capillaries to increase circulation, and stimulates and repairs your skin at the cellular level. Jo Ann 21 penetrates so quickly and deeply into the skin that it cannot be washed off.


A chemical that influences the behavior or development of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex.

Package 1

1-8oz jar of Aloe Vera Cream, 1-2oz. bottle of Aloe vera cream, 1- 4oz. jar of Vitamin K cream

Package 2

2- 8oz. jars of Aloe Vera Cream, 1- 2oz. jar of Wrinkle Control Cream, 1- 1oz. jar of Botox Cream

Package 3

2- 8oz. jars of Aloe Vera cream, 1-4oz jar of Aloe Vera Cream

Package 4

4-8oz. jars of Aloe vera Cream, 2-4oz jars of Aloe Vera cream

See more lift. Feel firmer. 92% of women do*.

*After using resilience Lift Extreme for 2 weeks
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