Spider Veins Vitamin K

When it comes to cream based treatments, vitamin K spider vein products stand out from the crowd. But there’s a reason why they are so popular…

When used topically, vitamin K can help strengthen the damaged walls of your capillaries and veins below the skin’s surface. This is why it’s also used to treat bruising and redness.

It’s considered to be a good cost-effective alternative to the expensive treatments offered at doctors offices. Almost every spider vein cream and varicose vein cream uses vitamin K as a main ingredient.

What Is Vitamin K?
 Many people aren’t very familiar with this nutrient since it’s not commonly found in multi-vitamins and other supplements. In humans, it is naturally made by a bacteria which is found in our large intestines. Rarely do adults whom are healthy ever have a deficiency. However, there are some medications which can cause a deficiency, including certain antibiotics.

There are a number of benefits associated with vitamin K. As noted above, it is known to help with circulation, such as hardening of your arteries. Because of this benefit, not only can it help spider veins, but it can be beneficial for your heart, too. There are also studies which link it with helping to maintain bone density also. However I am not a medical professional, so you should speak to a doctor if you are looking for advice about this nutrient.

What Are Natural Sources of Vitamin K?
 This nutrient can be found in a number of different vegetables, mainly those which are green and leafy, such as brussels sprouts. Most diets get an adequate amount of this nutrient naturally which is why it’s not typically included in supplements.

Vitamin K Spider Veins
 Although nearly everyone gets enough in their diet, it’s use in spider vein creams is different. How it works is that it is applied directly to the unsightly veins in the form of a cream. This allows higher amounts to go straight to the problem area. It is most commonly used for spider veins on legs, but many also use it for those on the nose and face too.

How It Works
 These products usually use a 5% concentration of vitamin K. It is said to work by causing the problem capillaries to clot and thus reducing the excess blood which goes through these blocked pathways. In turn, their appearance is diminished. Results are seen after 6 to 8 weeks.
 It’s important to note that this is not a treatment for mid to varicose veins. When that is the circumstance, or faster results are desired, then professional treatment such as sclerotherapy therapy is usually what is used.

Spider Vein Therapy
 Because these are considered specialty items, rarely if ever will you find these products at drugstores. Usually you have to buy vitamin K cream and spider vein cream through online sources.

Although the above products are the most cost effective option, you should talk with your medical professional before making a decision.


Why Aloe?

Since before the days of Cleopatra, aloe vera has been treasured for its moisturizing, rejuvenating and healing properties. Today, hundreds of health and beauty products claim aloe vera as an active ingredient — but are you aware that there are over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of aloe?
Jo Ann 21 contains the one variety of aloe vera known to be the most effective in the treatment of critical dry skin, as well as many other types of problem skin. 

Dramatically improved the following conditions:

  • abrasions
  • acne
  • allergic rash
  • arthritis
  • athlete’s foot
  • age spots
  • bed sores
  • bee stings
  • blisters
  • boils
  • bruises
  • burns
  • bursitis
  • candida
  • canker sores
  • chapped lips
  • chapped skin
  • chemical burns
  • chemical peel

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  • cold sores
  • cradle cap
  • cuts
  • diaper rash
  • eczema
  • fever blisters
  • flea bites
  • follicularis
  • fungus
  • hives
  • impetigo
  • inflamed joints
  • insect bites
  • itching skin
  • jock itch
  • keratosis
  • lupus
  • poison ivy
  • poison oak

  • poor circulation
  • psoriasis
  • radiation burns
  • ringworm
  • rosacea
  • sebaceous cyst
  • scabies
  • seborrhea
  • shingles
  • sore muscles
  • stretch marks
  • styes
  • sunburn
  • varicose veins
  • very dry skin
  • warts
  • wind burn
  • x-ray burns

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Botox Cream​ with Longevicell©  and Osilift©


Push back the limits of cell aging.

As we get older, governed by our internal clock, the cells of our skin, subject to genetic and epigenetic factors, fall victim to an inevitable phenomenon: aging. They stop proliferating and enter senescence. 

To revive cellular metabolism and overcome the deficiencies of the skin, SILAB is introducing LONGEVICELL, a genuinely effective cell re generator. Obtained from myrtle, prized in antiquity for its rejuvenating virtues, LONGEVICELL slows the expression of the senescence markers down and limits dermal degeneration by:

- Favoring the synthesis of SIRT-1, universal proteins involved in cell longevity;
- Regulating and reorganizing caveolin-1, proteins deeply involved in cell-cell     communication;
-Inhibiting the glycation of collagen an irreversible reaction responsible for tissue ridgidification.

Because it rebuilds the cellular capital, LONGEVICELL offers the skin a new youth, and is recommended in all anti-aging care products for mature skins.


Sugars for the Skin: Optimal and Immediate Lifting Effect

A firmer, more toned, smoother skin: that is what women want as the years pass. Attentive to the needs of their skin, they demand that their daily care products also be immediately and visibly effective.

An elastic, flexible molecule, OSLIFT is a purified fraction of branched natural polyoses obtained from oats. This very-high-molecular-weight network of complex sugars linked by intra- and inter-chains hydrogen bonds adheres to the surface of the skin in a continuous, cohesive 'lifting' film.

Its cosmetic performance has been characterized by:

- a sensorial approach: 86% of the volunteers on a trained panel felt an immediate tensor effect;
- an instrument approach: short-term efficiency (tensor, smoothing, and anti-wrinkle effect 30 minutes after a single application) and long-term efficiency (anti-wrinkle action after 1 month of twice-daily treatment);
- an esthetic approach: longer-lasting make-up in 72% of the volunteers in a foundation formulation.

Easy formulability, strong lifting power and exceptionally long-lasting: OSILIFT can be incorporated into all tensor and remodeling face and body care products.